Heretic Mansion

The fusion chart application for Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Download The Heretic Mansion v1.2 (Filesize: 3.5 MB) - Online Edition

Improtant: in order to run this application you must have the .NET 2 framework installed. Most likely, Windows XP users have the framework installed already. If you don't have it, download it from here.

25 March, 2012: NEW
Hmm.. I am back before 2 years! Well, anyway, this time I am releasing The Heretic Mansion version 1.2!
In this version, Corrodias helped bringing up and solving the issue of wrong fusion results. Now fusion results are, dare I say, 100% accurate? Well, the resulted demon is accurate but the spells mistakes remain but nobody is complaining so I guess there are only a few. Oh. Speaking of spells, a Unicorn spell mistake was fixed as well. Again, thanks to Corrodias.

I've also tweaked here and there but nothing serious. Now, the oly thing remaining to have a complete compendium is cursed fusions. Anyone up for the challange? lemme know in the forum.

23 October, 2011:
Waha! It seems my updating cycle is every 2 years now! :D

Anyway, a minor update is out. I've noticed after I migrated to Win 7 that some controls were having black background because of a small mistake I made in setting the colors. Now it's fixed. Also, more importantly, I noticed that the copy mechanism was broken. I mean totally broken! It was copying the wrong stuff and sometimes even nothing at all! Now it's fixed and should work properly.

See you in 2013. ;P

10 October, 2009:
I got an email from our friend Jordan (who suggested the fix for x64 platforms) that The Heretic Mansion runs just fine on Windows 7. He even sent me a screenshot of it running on his Windows 7! Thanks again Jordan.

28 May, 2009:
After so long, I've decided to release an enhanced version of the Heretic Mansion. Version 1.1 is out. There isn't anything serious here just few tweaks here and there like adding tooltips for some elements to describe their roles. A worth mentioning tweak is that you can select recipe(s) in reverse fusion and copy them by either CTRL + C or right clicking the selections. Note that you can select multiple lines if you wish like in any Windows application. I've updated the database so that the patch is no longer needed. However if you still want to run the older version (v1.0) and wants the patch you can download it here: [Database Patch].

To tell the truth, I've released this after getting reports about x64 Vista users facing problems. I tried to change the targeted CPU to x32 so it may force x64 systems to run it in x64 Mode. Since I don't have Vista, can any x64 Vista user let me know if it works now? Please post in the forum.
Jordan confirmed that this release works fine under x64 Vista. Thanks Jordan.

22 November, 2007:
I've made the search script for searching demon's skills online some time ago but because I missed a small thing the results were incorrect so I didn't announce it.

Yesterday, the bug which caused the problem just popped up in my mind! So today, I fixed it and it's working properly :)

Check it out here. There is also a link in the top of the Online Heretic Mansion page.

Enjoy :)

5 November, 2007:
After a long delay, I've decided to release the patch that will fix Metatron's recipe and Erthys's skill levels. All you have to do is download the patch and put it in the same directory as the Heretic Mansion's one and execute it.

I've also decided to upload a small MP3 file from my favorite soundtrack (Cathedral of Shadows ~ Cursed) which I use as a ring tone in my mobile phone. I felt like sharing it so grap it while you can! ;P

18 July, 2007:
Today I am happy to announce the release of the next version of The Heretic Mansion v1.0 with much more improvements for the code under the hood, bug fixes, and, most importantly, the enhanced skills list which is not only more accurate but you can now know at what level skills are learnt.

When you see a skill that has a square braket with a number within it (e.g. [89]) next to the skill name, this means that this skill is learnt at level 89. Skills that don't have this level next to them are basic skills which are automatically aquired when you get the demon. Keep in mind tho, that demons which evolve and can be recruited will have more basic skills given that they inherit the skill from their previous forms. For example, Lilith will have much less basic skills when recruited but if you get her by evolving she will be having all Lilim's skills. In the software, I made them have both, the ones you get from evolving and the one you get from recruiting so you could have an idea but I didn't distinguish which ones come from either way.

A new sorting rule was added when you list all demons, you can now sort by the total points of stats.

Also, I've finished the main window of the Online Edition of The Heretic Mansion which currently only lists the demons just like the desktop application (see screenshot to the right). Maybe I will add the search function as it's the most valuable feature IMHO since other features can be found all over the internet.
The download link is above as well as the Online edition link.

17 July, 2007:
The new version of The Heretic Mansion is almost ready! I just need one more day to test it more thoroughly and then I will add a help file to clarify few things.
The screenshot to the right reflects the new main window. Other than that, Thanks to Morzas for providing the skills list :)
As for the Online Heretic Mansion, I already started working on it and the Demonic Compendium is almost ready as well. Just few touches and I will launch it. I don't think I am going to make the fusions available online but who knows.

8 July, 2007:
I was thinking, why don't I make an online version of the Heretic Mansion? It will be a very easy task to do actually! Just after my web hosting company upgrades PHP to version 5, I should be able to use the database of the program within this very website!
In the other hand, Morzas is currently working on the new skills list which will allow me, and you dear user, to distinguish between initial skills and those to be learnt later and at what level. Thanks Morzas, keep up the good work. We are waiting for you. :)
Oh and I am still very welcoming the fusion chart while cursed if anyone would like to do it. ;P
I will be updating the screenshots of the application once I get the next version released and will probably redesign the page.

More News
The main window of The Heretic Mansion v1.0

Note: The appearnce of the application might vary.
search for demons with specific charactaristics
The fusion window in the Alpha version of the application Fiends Fusions
Rank up fusions Power up fusion
Normal Reverse Fusions Demons that can not be fused Special Fusions ... Reversed Even Elements!!

The idea of this application was born in 4/27/2007 when I was trying to fuse some demons using the awesome fusion generator made by Chris Gomez. I wanted to know if I could use some of the demons in my list to fuse a demon (which I can't recall now) instead of summoning the "ingredients" when I can use one from my list and lose some money which I was desperate to save but unfortunatlly, Chris's app didn't have this feature. I was also trying to find demons with specific skills/resistances and doing so manually cost me time and ingame money!

my idea for the new fusion application is as follows:
1- Have the functionality of Chris's app (which is normal entry of family, demons to get the result and reverse fusions but enhanced)
2- For reverse fusions, I'd like to be able to enter the resulted demon and be able to also enter one family/demon and see if it can be used to fuse the wanted demon. (e.g, I want to fuse Shiva, so it lists all combinations for shiva but I have Aciel and I want to know if it can be used in the fusion or not so I enter Aciel and get the result OR I enter Femme family and it lists all demons from Femme that can be used to fuse Shiva) Note this is merely an example and I don't know yet if Shiva can be fused by using Aciel/Femme! xD
3- Screenshots of each and every demon in game to be used for resulted/fused demons
4- The ability to specify minimum requirements for a fused demon (e.g. minimum base Magic to be 24, etc)
5- The ability to specify skill(s) in the demon to be fused and wheter or not those are basic skills that are required without lvling the demon.
6- include Special Fusions (fiends, rank up/down, power up)
7- Fusions while cursed

Basicly it's a full mimic of the in game Cathedral of Shadows.

Stay tuned, I will be posting updates here as the project is shaping quite well :D


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